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Project Gutenberg Text File eBooks as of January 2018
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Project Gutenberg Text File eBooks as of January 2018

This is a collection of all of the Project Gutenberg eBooks available in text format, with files numbered sequentially from 1 to over 56,000. Some numbers are skipped, either due to that book number being multimedia (sound, picture, videos), or having an unusual filename on the server. The file GUTINDEX.ALL, included in this collection, lists the names of the books included. The filenames have leading zeroes (i.e. 00004, 00316) so they appear in numeric order on all file-sorting systems.

This is a “meta-torrent”, which is a torrent of a torrent file. When you download this file, you will have downloaded another torrent file, which is the actual collection of books. Open that torrent file in your torrent client, and you will get the entire collection of books. Only TXT files are included. 

The reason I had to use a meta-torrent is because the book collection torrent file is just shy of 2 megabytes, way to big for The Pirate Bay's upload system to handle. To avoid zipping the files or breaking the torrent in to a zillion parts to download one by one, I have made a torrent of a torrent. When seeding, I ask if you please keep seeding this meta-torrent, as well as the main torrent contained inside, so everyone can have a copy.

If you need a huge quantity of books from project Gutenberg, I am sure they would appreciate it if you used this torrent, rather than robot-spidering their website, as robot-spidering takes up valuable bandwidth and serverload from the nonprofit Project Gutenberg. If you need an updated collection, you can download this torrent, and only robot-spider the new ebook files posted to Gutenberg since this torrent's creation.

I hope this torrent is of benefit to bookworkms, linguisits, students, professors, teachers, AI researchers, computer scientists, and anyone else who needs a large corpus of books