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(Windows 3.1) Dare to Dream - Complete - Episodes 1 - 3
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retro dos 16bit epicgames adventure pointandclick multiwindow
2018-01-12 07:21:12 GMT

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"Dare to Dream"

Complete series.

Developed by Cliff Bleszinski.

Produced by Epic Megagames; 1993.

Archived writeup on Home of the Underdogs:

Gameplay overview:

Walkthroughs for all 3 episodes are available on GameFAQs if you really get stuck.

Dare to Dream is one of several point-and-click, first-person, multi-window adventure games that was a briefly popular genre in the Windows 3.1 era including Castle of the Winds (also by Epic) and Uninvited. What sets it apart is two things: a unique plot and the fact that you cannot get stuck or die as in most adventure games. The MIDI background music is well done enough to contribute to the atmosphere of the various places you journey through.

Many thanks to user "hevilhuy" of Gamespot for originally posting this collection out of the blue on Mediafire. Shared for many others like me who only got to play the Shareware Episode 1 back in the day. Enjoy.

***Technical Note***
This game WILL NOT RUN on a 64 bit Windows OS. You will need a 32 bit Windows OS or a DOS emulator such as DOSBOX with a working installation of Windows 3.1

Unzip and play. 

I recommend you keep the default folder DARE2DRM. (for those unfamiliar with DOS/Win 3.1 - this is because file/folder names can only have up to 8 characters)

REQUIREMENTS for DOS emulation:

    A 286 or faster processor
    VGA graphics
    Windows 3.x in Standard or Enhanced Mode
    Mouse (duh)
    2 Megabytes RAM


    4 Megabytes RAM
    Windows 3.1 or greater (or Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions)
    Any Windows-supported sound card (Soundblaster HIGHLY recommended)

I recommend setting your DOS emulator for 16 Megabytes of RAM total. This was the maximum amount that most Windows 3.1 versions could even use and should be more than enough